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"A horse is a child’s dream, a child’s inspiration and a child’s independence. A horse can teach responsibility, patience, hard work and determination. A horse can teach loyalty, courage, kindness and hope. A horse can be a child’s friend when there is no one else to turn to. A place to seek solace when the rest of the world is troubled or a place to dry a child’s tears. A horse will always keep a child’s secret and a horse will always be a child’s friend. A horse can be many things to a child but above all, a horse is a child’s imagination."

         -Krysta  Moxon

Trainer Krysta Moxon
Horse Person of the year
Outstanding work with children and horses

Northern Illinois Hunter Jumper Association




"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man" - Winston Churchill


Collage of some of our children

Horses are a reflection of a soul. They sense and respond to a person's intentions and emotions. As prey animals, their flight istinct becomes a mirror for our subconscious body language.

Equine Therapy benefits children with...

· Emotional and behavioral disabilities
· Muscular Dystrophy
· Down Syndrome
· Rett Syndrome
· Attention Deficit Disorders
· Hearing Impairments
· Autism
· Visual Impairments
·  Spina Bifida
·  Paralysis


... by improving their...

· Balance
· Coordination
· Motor Control
· Muscle Tone and Strength
· Respiratory Control
· Visual and Auditory Differentiation
· Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
· Attention
· Responsibility
· Trust
· Social Skills
· Empathy

Equine Therapies

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy
Equine facilitated psychotherapy promotes psychological healing for individuals with mental health and psych-social challenges, including anxiety disorders, behavioral difficulties, post traumatic stress disorder and depression.

Economically Disadvantaged Children
(At Risk Children)
Emotionally, the relationship a rider develops with a horse builds confidence, self esteem, motivation, patience and the realization of cause and effect.  Riders learn practical life skills, cooperation and team work through the use of a horse.
Therapeutic Riding
Therapeutic riding teaches actual riding skills to children with disabilities. Certified therapeutic    instructors work with speech, psychological, physical and language therapists for the purposes of treatment planning.

(Hippo - Greek term for horse)
Hippotherapy is used by licensed physical,   occupational, and speech pathologists that use the horse as a therapeutic tool.  The movement of the horse gives the child’s neurological system  a form of “normalized” movement.


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